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Our History

The Loch Fyne Shellfish Bar was opened in 1960 by my Dad, Allan Millard, who to this day still takes an active interest in the customers we have been serving for six decades. We are privileged to have met and fed 4 generations of Glaswegians, and some from much further afield, many of whom have become friends, passing their love of shellfish and our shop down through the ages. It has always been a family affair for us too with all 3 siblings working there at some point in their life. My Nephew, who is only 9, has already asked when he will be allowed to work there, so I suspect that this institution will survive for generations to come!

Locally and Responsibly Sourced in Scotland


Scotland has arguably the finest shellfish in the world. We work with a small number of suppliers, who source their product from the lochs and seas of this beautiful country, to bring you the finest produce available. Today, Scotland leads the way in sustainable fishing practices with most seafood farmed rather than hand-picked, although the mussels themselves are cultivated or rope-grown, and no additives or feed are used. Ropes are set up in a carefully selected clean water area and the mussels attach themselves to the ropes, to be harvested a few years later ensuring that not only are our mussels tasty they are also responsibly sourced!

What our customers say.... 


"Wouldn't go anywhere else, in every weekend for my dad."

"Have been taking my kids there for over 20 years and my dad took me there when I was a wee boy."

"This place is an institution!"

"Was in today with my wife, mussels were cracking and staff full of banter, love it!"

My dad used to take me and my siblings when we were growing up, I took my 4 girls and now take my grandkids - they love the hot mussels."

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